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News Release from  Cumbia County Council;


PR 15960


For Immediate Release


18 February 2019


On-street parking enforcement changes



Following a change in legislation to the Traffic Management Act 2004, Cumbria County Council’s Civil Enforcement Officers (previously known as ‘traffic wardens’) will now be able to issue Penalty Charge Notices to any vehicle that is parked partly or completely over a dropped kerb or pedestrian crossing point. The 2004 Act and The Highway Code state that vehicles must not be parked where kerbs have been lowered.

Some crossing points are denoted by tactile paving slabs on the pavement, some have white ‘keep clear’ bars, whilst others have no markings at all other than the footways have been lowered to allow easier crossing of the road. The legislation also applies where a cycle track or verge has been lowered to the level of the carriageway or where the level of the carriageway has been raised to the level of the footway, cycle track or verge.

There are a number of exemptions to this legislation, namely where the vehicle is:

  • parked wholly within a designated parking place or any other part of the carriageway where parking is specifically authorised, and therefore permitted.
  • parked outside residential premises by or with the consent of the occupier.
  • being used by the emergency services.
  • being used for delivery of goods or loading or unloading to/from premises, where the delivery, or loading/unloading cannot be carried out without the vehicle being parked either partly or completely over a dropped kerb/pedestrian point and is parked for no longer than is necessary and for no more than 20 minutes.
  • being used for any building operation, demolition or excavation; waste collection; removing of obstruction to traffic; road works, signage or lighting; or for undertaking utility works (gas, electricity, water or communication services).

The obstruction of dropped kerbs and pedestrian crossing points can present significant difficulties for visually impaired pedestrians and to those using mobility scooters and wheelchairs. In addition, pedestrians using prams or pushchairs can be greatly inconvenienced.

Prior to commencing full enforcement, the council will be undertaking a period of advice and education to ensure that motorists are aware of the new powers and we will be issuing warning notices to any vehicle which parks partly or wholly across a dropped kerb.  From Friday 1 March 2019, the council’s Civil Enforcement Officers will begin issuing Penalty Charge Notices to all vehicles found to be parking in these locations (including blue badge holders). The charge will be £70 which is reduced to £35 if paid within 14 days from the date of issue of the Penalty Charge Notice.

Keith Little, Cumbria County Council’s Cabinet Member for Highways and Transport, said:

“These additional powers will assist in improving the safety of all road users and pedestrians. The council receives many complaints regarding illegally and dangerously parked vehicles and is working with a variety of community groups to improve parking availability and compliance. I would encourage all motorists to familiarise themselves with parking restrictions and seek advice if necessary.”

Cumbria County Council’s Parking Services team can be contacted by telephone 0300 3032992 or e-mail




9th July 2018:

Note from County, District and Town Councillor Doug Wilson.


A Cumbria County Council spokesman said:


"At the public meeting, we agreed not to demolish the pool over the summer to give time for the group to explore whether a plan for continued usage can be developed.


"We agreed to facilitate a meeting between our consultants and the group to explore why our costs for remediation are £240,000 and theirs is £17,000.


"We also agreed to see if a safe method of access can be arranged for the group to inspect the pool.


"Following advice from our health and safety team, this may not be possible, but will be discussed at the meeting."


Additional Information at:




2nd July 2018:

Note from County, District and Town Councillor Doug Wilson.


We received this notification from Cumbria County Council today:

"I can confirm that we have decided to withdraw our report on the swimming pool from the 11th July Committee agenda.

We have taken this decision to allow local residents time to consider the future of the pool and to correspond with a commitment CCC made last week to postpone demolition until after the summer.

I would anticipate that the earliest we might consider this application will now be 5th October.

You will appreciate that we have made this decision without prejudice to any subsequent recommendation".
Paul Haggin
Cumbria County Council Manager Development Control and Countryside Management
Environment and Economy




14th May 2018:

Note from County, District and Town Councillor Doug Wilson.


Due to attention being drawn to the shocking state of Millom Library Buildings by Councillors and correspondence by public spirited members of the public, something is finally being done about the state of the building.  Contractors are to clear the guttering and remove vegetation from the building, they will be on site  from Wednesday the 23rd of May to carry out this work.  


CCC Property Surveyor; Darren Leach intends to be on site to take advantage of the opportunity to gain a view of the roof and gutters from an elevated position.


The future of the Millom library buildings continues at the forefront of Millom Town Council’s concerns.





Waterloo House Surgery Millom new telephone number from 27th January 2016  is 01229 402800





Copeland Pride of Place - Town Centre Regeneration Scheme .
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Grants are available to assist commercial property owners/occupiers to undertake repairs and redecoration to improve the external appearance of business premises.  Grants are available for 50% of the value of the work required, up to a maximum amount of £5000.
For more information on how to apply contact Copeland Borough Council, by email at or by calling 01946 598 433
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