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9th July 2018:

Note from County, District and Town Councillor Doug Wilson.


A Cumbria County Council spokesman said:


"At the public meeting, we agreed not to demolish the pool over the summer to give time for the group to explore whether a plan for continued usage can be developed.


"We agreed to facilitate a meeting between our consultants and the group to explore why our costs for remediation are £240,000 and theirs is £17,000.


"We also agreed to see if a safe method of access can be arranged for the group to inspect the pool.


"Following advice from our health and safety team, this may not be possible, but will be discussed at the meeting."


Additional Information at:




2nd July 2018:

Note from County, District and Town Councillor Doug Wilson.


We received this notification from Cumbria County Council today:

"I can confirm that we have decided to withdraw our report on the swimming pool from the 11th July Committee agenda.

We have taken this decision to allow local residents time to consider the future of the pool and to correspond with a commitment CCC made last week to postpone demolition until after the summer.

I would anticipate that the earliest we might consider this application will now be 5th October.

You will appreciate that we have made this decision without prejudice to any subsequent recommendation".
Paul Haggin
Cumbria County Council Manager Development Control and Countryside Management
Environment and Economy




14th May 2018:

Note from County, District and Town Councillor Doug Wilson.


Due to attention being drawn to the shocking state of Millom Library Buildings by Councillors and correspondence by public spirited members of the public, something is finally being done about the state of the building.  Contractors are to clear the guttering and remove vegetation from the building, they will be on site  from Wednesday the 23rd of May to carry out this work.  


CCC Property Surveyor; Darren Leach intends to be on site to take advantage of the opportunity to gain a view of the roof and gutters from an elevated position.


The future of the Millom library buildings continues at the forefront of Millom Town Council’s concerns.




23rd March 2018:

Statement received from Cumbria County Council :

Winter weather and the impact on the Highway

We understand and appreciate the frustration that Cumbrian residents are experiencing. This winter has proven to be a real challenge to Cumbria County Council Highway services. It has been colder and wetter than the previous few years and as a result, there are more road defects and increased pressure on the network. The significant, prolonged wet periods have been closely followed by lengthy spells of cold weather, leading to substantial additional freeze-thaw action and the accelerated deterioration of our roads. This is a situation not unique to Cumbria and many of our neighbouring authorities are having the same challenge.

Repairs done at this time of year when roads are cold and wet are less likely to be as effective as repairs done in warmer, drier conditions. There have been very few periods of warmer, drier weather for us to undertake permanent repairs; therefore often the only option available to us, in order to keep roads safe, is temporary work. We appreciate that this has dismayed some customers who expect more but unfortunately, as explained, permanent solutions are not always effective if road temperatures are low and rather than closing roads, a temporary fix is a more appropriate solution. Our intention is to effect quality permanent repairs as soon as we are out of the winter weather period.

Our teams continue to work hard to manage the increased number of defects but the reality is that we need to prioritise carefully.  The Council has had to take nearly £200m out of its revenue budgets in the last 8 years – with further cuts still to be made. We simply do not have the money available to invest in all the proactive maintenance we would like or to divert money from other essential council services into our roads.

We are grateful when our customers identify and report problems and defects to us but as explained, we are not always able to meet their expectations, particularly when the defect does not fall within our priority specifications. Given the extenuating circumstances and our limited resources, we are doing all we can to keep on top of the damage and ensure the highways are safe for all road users





Waterloo House Surgery Millom new telephone number from 27th January 2016  is 01229 402800





Copeland Pride of Place - Town Centre Regeneration Scheme .
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